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Need to Schedule an Appointment
If you would like to request an appointment with one of our physicians, please call 308-865-2303 and speak with our front desk.

Language Assistance
If English is not your primary language, please let our office know. As we strive to provide the highest quality of care, we believe in the need to communicate effectively. By letting us know your needs, we can arrange for an interpreter.

If you are a medical facility requesting records, please call our office at 308-865-2303, or send a request to 308-865-2304.

If you are a patient, please fill out the following form and return to our office.

If you need your records sent to another medical facility:
From Heartland Hematology and Oncology to Anywhere

If you need your records sent here (ex. You will be a new patient):
From Anywhere to Heartland Hematology Oncology

Please contact your pharmacy first.