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Patient Portal

Heartland Hematology and Oncology offers a secure way to access your records through our patient portal. Once you are registered, you will be able to access this information at any time, and any place with internet. The patient portal is available 24/7 through You will be able to view and print the records.

You can access the portal from here:

Medical information that is available:

  • More information and resources on your disease
  • Upcoming appointments
  • Lab results (once viewed by your physician)
  • Pathology (once discussed with you)
  • Radiology (once discussed with you)
  • Physician notes
  • Vitals
  • Medications

The portal is the preferred method for secure communication with your nurses and physicians for non- urgent questions and/or requests. General questions, prescription refill requests, billing questions, or to request an appointment are all examples of questions that are ideal for the portal.

Other ways to use the portal:

  • Invite friends, family, and caregivers to access your records
  • Keep a journal/post
  • Join and read discussion boards

To Register:
Speak to our front desk staff. Provide an email, and a link will be sent. Simply click the link and follow the instructions. If you need help, our front desk staff can walk you through this process over the phone or in the clinic.

Patient Portal Q&A

Below are some commonly asked questions:

Q: Where do I go for the portal?

Q: I forgot my username and/or password
A: Under “Existing Users” click on the blue text “Forgot your Username or Password”. Provide the email that is connected to the account (probably the same email used to set up the account).

Q: I saw the physician yesterday, why are my labs not there?
A: Labs must be reviewed and signed by your doctor before they are available on the portal. Some of the lab tests are sent to outside laboratories, and can take a couple of days to a couple of weeks for results.